The Power of Your Millyard…

…and make no mistake, there is enormous energy available on and around your millyard as our forebearers discovered, hence the thriving communities of industrious folk that popped up, and stayed, on our Millyards.
We have a great love and an affinity for the millyard, for the power available courtesy of natures’ flowing waters, for the incredible array of production made possible by that gift of power, for the gift of a livelihood, for the gift of entertainment, for the gift of community provided by the waters rushing inevitably to the sea.
So we started some 10 years ago, when the internets were young, and have maintained a quiet presence over the years.
It’s time for all of us to take that next step, to work through this next transition for our communities and our societies.
We can’t think of a group of folk with whom we would rather experience it than those on and around our millyards.
Please bookmark us, please get involved with your millyard… - Make Learning Fun!

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